Heineken International, Worlds Apart


A group of people representing opposite points of view are sent together into a warehouse with some instructions and a piece of furniture to build. They include a feminist, a trans woman, and a climate activist, paired with people who don't believe in these matters.

Each pair starts to work together to build the item without knowing they disagree, creating a bond before they are told to stop and watch a video interview of the other person as they express their views. The camera catches their faces as they react to learning the other represents their opposite.

They're then given a choice: They can leave, or try to discuss their differences over a Heineken. Everyone gulps and thinks for a moment. The anti-transgender guy starts walks off, but then comes back. “I’m only joking,” he says and they laugh together. In fact, he offers to trade numbers with her to keep in touch. He adds that he'll have to tell his girlfriend that's he's texting another girl.

All the pairs stay, and share a human moment of understanding.

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