Heineken International, Mardi Gras


Two average guys are at a Mardi Gras costume party and, without costumes, they feel very out of place. A song plays, "I was in the right place, but it must've been the wrong time..."

They begin to leave and, as they do, the text reads, "The Surprise Package." Coming in the door is a very large blonde drag queen (Los Angeles' Kitty Cole) with a case of Heineken under her arm. The two guys decide to stay, and the end of the spot shows them on the couch with her (an arm around one guy) and another in a gorilla outfit. Neither guy looks too upset.

User Comments
Andrea James
Guys will do anything for their favorite beer, even tolerate drag queens and transsexuals. At least their response though unenthused, they don’t seem disgusted, at least.

Michael Rios
This AD is GREAT! Though, you should be aware of who that "very large blonde drag queen" is. It's none other than Kitty Cole... the drag queen who made international fame while running for the mayor's seat in Palm Springs, California in 1995. Kitty has done numerous ads, TV shows and three motion pictures. Give her/him some credit!