Heineken International, Banquette Alt.


A man and two women sit at a table having a good time with others. Suddenly, the middle woman's face reveals that she's unexpectedly being toyed with under the table as she looks over at the guy.

The camera pans below the table to reveal that he's got a hand on her knee -- and so does the woman sitting on her other side. The camera pans back up and shows the adored woman smiling at both her suitors.

The narrator announces, "At Amstel Light, we believe in having the best of both worlds...especially when it comes to beer. Amstel Light, fewer calories, real beer taste."

This commercial is rare in its straightforward and non-judgmental approach to bisexuality. Of course, it also appeals to straight males' lesbian fantasies.

User Comments
Oh yeah! Finally, an ad that portrays bisexuality without some awkward twist!

No this ad is not good at all! You are such fools! It portrays bisexuality as having a man and a woman simultaneously. That is not what bisexuality is. It also presents it as opportunistic. Also incorrect. I think this ad is really fundamentally wrong. Also, the woman in the center seems to have no control over the situation since she has this wierd look on her face and is the only one not saying anything. Watch this ad again.

Big deal! The ad isn't even daring. A woman liking another woman? That's perfect for the heterosexual male audience. Something daring would be to show a man liking men and women. Now THAT would be controversial. Frankly, this ad is useless.

E. Noonan
Why is this a "neutral"? It is a bi-positive ad! Something we never get to see. I say this should have a plus sign on it!

I agree with E. Noonan -- this one is all positive. And though Patrick Califia would probably beat me for it as some leftover patriarchal sentiments on my part, let me offer that "straight" males aren't the only males who think lesbian intimacy is hot.

Gary Caplan
Yes, a bisexual woman CAN "enjoy the best of both worlds." In my opinion, this is a realistic view, and I congratulate the company for running the ad.

Todd Hill
Not sure what to think, but the phrase "Lesbians: taste great but less filling" comes to mind.

Fredrick Bertz
Female bisexuality is not that controversial in our society. Yes, it is not seen very much on commercial television, but the joke of "What does a man like more than a woman in his bed? Two women in his bed," is not a common thought for nothing. Yes, it is nice to see the woman being the center of attention with her partners interested in pleasing her, and that is positive, but it is not a great change in how queer sexuality is viewed in America.

As a bisexual female, I think this is a very positive ad, since we seem to be invisible to both the heterosexual and gay community. The ad is simple and to the point, and the models are very attractive. This ad should have a plus and I hope to see more positive ads like it (but I won't hold my breath).