Bacardi Ltd., Hero


"I'm sorry, but man bags are *gay.* Everything you wear's got a thousand pockets and what, you need luggage as well? What the fuck do you need to carry around, a hairbrush? Lube? Woman's Day? Snap out of it, buddy! It's a handbag, and it's gay! It's about as gay as collecting fucking antiques! The opera? That's gay. The ballet? Whew, gay. Paying $400 for a pair of jeans is *totally* gay! And it's so gay that I can't go to a cafe on a Saturday morning without being surrounded by 50 stupid women talking about real estate." The angry, cursing rant goes on and on.

There are repeated images of Tom of Finland drawings, a hairy butt, members of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Sponge Bob, Siegfried & Roy, and more.

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