Bacardi Ltd., Gay


"Calling all gay men: put down your fluffy little dog and your fabric samples (stars from the TV version of Star Trek appear) and mince your backless leather chaps onto the street (Queen's Freddie Mercury appears, along with Gerald Ford facing Ronald Reagan). Join with other men who like kissing other men (The Godfather reference) united in fanciful dress harmony. (Inexplicably, images of the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis with flamingos and tulips.) "Because we, the manufacturers of 42Below vodka, want you to give us your mighty pink dollar. We don't care if you're the Indian, the Biker, the Cop, the Cowboy or the Construction Worker, (Images of the Village People) or if you're out cruising for man-man, rumpy-pumpy (George Michael appears), we want you to wrap your manicured fingers around our fine product.

"Because at 42Below vodka, greed comes before conservatism. In an effort to prevent sexual stereotypes, this ad was run past two fags and a queer. (Images of Liberace, gay lion tamers Siegfried and Roy.)

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