Abercrombie & Fitch, Couch


These two guys are laying very comfortably, with one nestled under the other's arm, in the Fall 2002 issue of A&F Quarterly, the company's own "megalogue."

A&F Quarterly has regularly experienced controversy in its megalogues over depictions of nudity and the use of alcohol, due to the brand's popularity with youth. The publication is now sold in its retail stores with a plastic covering only to those over 18 years old.

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User Comments
Marty Pfeiffer
Is it me or could that pillow over the crotch be hiding an erection? In part, these A&F ads reflect the shifts in ideals of male-male friendship over the past years (desires for greater intimacy) but seem to tie this intimacy to sex only... or maybe just suggesting that homoeroticism is the perfect union of men.
Either way, I've been using A&F ads to line my walls for years.

Farraro Sutton
Although this ad seems more gay-oriented than straight, it's simple, warm and friendly. Overall, great ad.

Lindsey Ho
I love that romance is clearly protrayed. One problem: the guys could be brothers, which leaves confusion regarding their relationship. OK, I guess it's not that clear. Anyway, the pose is obviously romantic. Continue to feature similar images, and Abercrombie and Fitch will gain permanent fans.

Demi Monde
The painting on the wall seems to have fallen off the wall...suggesting maybe the couch (and its rather muscular 'potatoes') was a-rockin' a bit before photo taken? (Either that or there was an earthquake.)

B. Kavlan
This ad is certainly consistent with the others in your collection, though these two men appear to me to be brothers--they could almost be identical twins (not that that would necessarily preclude an erotic charge to many).