Mars Inc., The New Nanny


A boy wearing a princess dress answers the door to meet a woman who introduces herself as the new nanny. She's not like other nannies, because she looks like a witch. Uninterested, the boy says he doesn't need a nanny and shuts the door in her face.

Magically, she's now in the room with him and says, "Your parents seem to think you do."

Later, the boy is harassed by two girls because he's wearing a dress. They tell him it's not Halloween. The witch-nanny wards them off. Next, the boy is bullied by an older boy who shouts, "You look like a girl. Why are you wearing that?" The younger boy replies, "Dressing like this makes me feel good."

Unswayed, the older boy persists: "Is that your nanny? She looks weird. You look weird, you both look weird. Boys don't wear dresses." Fet up, the nanny whirls up some wind and whisks the older boy away.

As the ad ends, the boy asks his nanny, "Will he come back?" He non-committal answer: "Yeah, probably."

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