Procter & Gamble Co., 3 Big Things in 1 Little Fling!


Two boys get into mischief to trick their dad, who is sleeping on the couch. Using a stick and holding their noses, they pick up a jockstrap out of his gym bag and drop it onto his face -- expecting the bad smell to wake him up. A narrator says, "The Martinez brothers have a nose for trouble. Little did they know, their dad washed that jockstrap in

Instead, he smiles, sniffs it, and cuddles with it. The older of the two boys struggles to pull it back from his dad, then sniffs to get a whiff it too.

"That, boys, is the sweet smell of defeat," concludes the narrator. The boys march off, frustrated.

The ad is included for the boys' expectation that he will dislike the smell of a jock and instead appears to like it. It received a lot of attention in gay media.

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