Procter & Gamble Co., All Our Mistakes are Behind Us


A male couple stand in their kitchen, speaking to the camera as a friend. One does all the speaking. "When we moved in together, I learned that he likes to buy things in bulk. A gallon of chocolate syrup, two-for-one T-shirts." The other silently smiles at these accomplishments.

Then, as an exhibit, the first continues by opening the cabinet, "Behold! The pantry of shame," he says with scorn. "Buy one, get two free -- that's an incredible deal" says the other.

"Not when we have to do the laundry three times to get it clean," says the first. "Now we stick to Tide and get the stains out on the first wash. Now all our mistakes are behind us."

His husband jumps in to add, "Like your cargo shorts." Not missing a beat, the first retorts with a smile, "Like your ex."

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