SABMiller, Man Law - Clinking Tops


Miller Lite's "Man Law" ad series consists of a variety of famous men ("Men of the Square Table") discussing what is acceptable male behavior. Previously debated topics include whether it's appropriate to put lime (or other fruits) in a beer, and whether or not one is allowed to hide their beer.

This ad features the Men of the Square Table debating the best way to clink beers during a toast.

"If the tops touch, then our saliva is touching," says one participant.

"Then technically, that would qualify as a kiss," answers Burt Reynolds.

That answer is met with disgusted looks and complaints. When touching bottoms is suggested, another member says he's not into that either before Burt clarifies he meant touching the bottoms of the bottles.

In the end, it is agreed that clinking bottoms is more appropriate than clinking tops, ie. practically kissing.

User Comments
Max Hazell
Okay, this ad is funny. Obviously, the guys are trying too hard to maintain their heterosexuality(why else have Burt Reynolds there?), and the "Oh, come on!" comment definitely shows off what they're doing as ridiculous - so this isn't necessarily homophobic, just guys being guys.

[Because if there was a strand of saliva like that from my buddy's bottle... I don't care, gay or straight, even if it's my boyfriend, I'm wiping that bad boy down. That's one sloppy bottle]