SABMiller, Kiss


At a huge gathering in a garden behind a villa, the well-dressed patriarch of a mobster-like family steps out to the applause of all his guests.

As violin music plays, the man approaches Salvatore and tells him, "I salute the eys that look out for me!" He grabs the man's head and kisses his eyes.

Walking up to Luca, he asks, "Where would I be without your ears listening out for me?" Again, he proceed to kiss them.

In the back of the procession, a young man turns to a fellow next to him and announces, "I'm out of here, mate." When the other asks why, he nervously says, "I make his trousers."

As the commercial ends, the family father strides toward the man, who has left and looks back uncomfortably.

The intended humor of course is the negative implication -- and fear -- of sodomy, though the logic doesn't quite follow. The father is more likely to kiss the man's hands, since they made the trousers.

User Comments
I work in advertising, I'm gay and I like this ad. Everyone knows Italians like to kiss other men, it's not sexual to them. I don't think it's so homophobic. Besides, even if the character was gay, I like the idea of a gay mafioso, I'm tired of seeing sissy gays, skinny gays, or politically correct gays all the time. This is one tough gay.