SABMiller, Pizza


Four men sit around the television watching baseball and eating pizza when one of them mumbles, "He struck another guy on the sinker, you remember?" He has a heavy southern drawl.

Another one of the guys agrees, still chewing his food: "He's an amazing sinker."

The camera zooms to a man who is dabbing his pizza, apparently to absorb excess oil.

The shot then switches back to his friends as they observe what they deem to be absurd behavior.

After seeing the bewildered expressions on his friends' faces, the grease-conscious friend says "What?" Instantly, a giant beer can falls from the sky and squashes him where he sits. His friends are indifferent.

The voiceover, in hyper-deep voice, says, "Men should act like men and light beer should taste like beer."

The screen reads "Brewed For A Man's Taste." Old Milwaukee's most recent campaign calls attention to various behaviors they've deemed inappropriate for "real men." See this ad from the same campaign.

While this ad may seem to barely touch on homosexuality -- the ad is included for its approach to insufficient masculinity. It earns a Negative rating because it suggests that men shouldn't compromise their masculinity by removing excess oil from greasy pizza-- unless they are prepared to perish under a larger-than-life beer can.

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