SABMiller, Unbeerman-like Conduct


A father and son sit in a fishing boat. As the younger man reaches into the cooler for a couple beers, he says, "Pop, there's something I gotta tell ya."

Many viewers thought the man was going to come out to his father, but before he can get it out, the beers are hit with a flying object. A referee also appears in the waist-deep water.

"I've got unbeerman-like conduct! Giving Dad a beer with less taste, that's a loss of respect!" shouts the referee. Dad looks over with his eyebrows raised.

"Replacing with great tasting, less filling Miller Lite. Half the carbs of Bud Light. We've also got unoriginal tattoo on Timmy -- tribal armband design. Attempting to fit in." Timmy looks sheepishly at his arm. (Armband tattoos were made popular recently by gay men.)

"Play beer!" yells the ref, as he makes his way through the water. The ad ends with Miller's logo and the tagline "Good call."

It's unclear if Timmy intended to come out, but if so, it appears to be a non-issue.

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It's also not just the "Dad, I need to tell you something" line that gives it an underlining text, it's also the tatoo remark--the tribal armband and the referee stating Timmy is trying to fit in (by adopting a group's identifying marks; like I cut my hair short when I came out) that makes it a wink and a nod (albeit a subtle one), to the gay community.

Please STOP reading into everything and trying to find a gay theme in everything. The son could have been wanting to talk to his dad about ANYTHING. Why must all things be gay oriented? Maybe the son is thinking of getting engaged. Maybe he owes people in Las Vegas thousands and needs money. Maybe he is quitting college. Take your pick. Be open to all possibilities, not one.

The editor is a little too paranoid. The son might have been ready to tell dad something about his girlfriend, college, or maybe how much he hates fishing with the old man!