Anheuser-Busch InBev, Bottle Pride


Anheuser-Busch, along with Miller Brewing Co., have the distinction of being among the few companies that advertises in gay media and also have a mainstream media commercial with a gay theme.

This ad is a campy celebration of Gay Pride.

Beer companies are well represented in The Commercial Closet, largely due to an effort in the mid-1990s to pull away from the industry's longterm sexist advertising themes that objectified women. Such commercials were summed up by the Swedish Bikini Team ads from Stroh Brewing Co. for Old Milwaukee. Looking for new material to mine, brewers began extensively playing with gay and transgender themes in their advertising. However, because beer drinkers are stereotypically macho, the tone of many of the ads were more negative.

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Is the beer gay? I think not. Want gays to buy your beer? Then donate money to gay and lesbian causes and they will purchase it. You have no idea how the gay community wants and needs your support. So who is conning whom here? Do you really think donning the rainbow colors will do it? Not for me, but keep trying.