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This is fantastic! I had no idea Allstate did real life ads like this! Now if only they could do something about their rates... *chuckling...

If you are offended...how many ads out there show straight couples? Umm lots. If this ad is enought to offend you, to where you switch your insurace because of it, you have too much time on your hands. Make a positive difference in your life. This ad is wonderful.

I like this ad also and being an employee of Allstate for almost two decades, I have been very impressed with their commitment to diversity. I wish they would reflect this through their advertising more. I guess I would rather work for a company that walks the walk than talks about it in ads. Oh and I too wish they could do something about their rates but I am willing to spend a little bit more when it comes to quality.

Audrey Gilles
This ad does a great job in hitting its market.

Well, that does it, I only had Allstate for my cars. Now I am switching all my insurance over to Allstate. I figure any company that realizes everyone has a right to live, unlike those phony others, deserves my business. Hope Allstate keeps up the good work!

I find this ad very discriminating against Christians who believe in the sanctity of a Godly marriage between a man and a woman.

Maria Zabiega
This ad is disgusting. I will not be going to Allstate for my new home owner's insurance.

Frank Barnett
I am ashamed of Allstate for supporting this site. If they are so proud of their stance on gay agendas why don't they go public with it and see what happens to their company?

J. Amato
These ads are an affront and discriminate against people of faith as in the firing of one person whose religious beliefs did not coincide with Allstate's gay policy. It is unconstitutional for any company to force this lifestyle to those who view "family" as a union between a man and a woman only. Is this Nazi Germany or is this America where religious freedom exists? This is propaganda to try to get people to accept this lifestyle as real. It's not working.

I find this very disturbing. I am an Allstate customer, well, for now! I will change this if things are not changed within the company! I find their ad's example of 'diversity' to be a bit disgusting!