Anheuser-Busch InBev, Brother


A man appears at a door with flowers. "Hi, you must be Tammy's blind date," says a tall, deep-voiced man. "I'm Spike, her twin brother," he says, arms crossed and meaning to appear menacing to the suitor.

The man frowns as the brother's words echo and he imagines his date looking like Spike, but wearing a wig and lipstick. The imaginary Spikette, who is also muscled and with a five-o-clock shadow, winks at him.

"Annie! Your date's here!" he yells up the stairs, as the date backs up to the door to escape after imaging what she must look like. Meanwhile, the brother says, "Can I offer you a Bud Light?" Suddenly, with this news the date decides to stay and then his bombshell date walks down the stairs. The man can't believe his luck until she says "Hi" -- in a manly voice deeper than her hyper masculine brother.

In the closing shot, she's snuggled up against him as they watch TV and he is clearly uncomfortable. In her wolf-like voice she says, "You smell good."

This ad plays broadly with gender roles and the nightmare of them defying expectation. Despite his bad dream of his date looking like her brother in drag, she is gorgeous but her manly voice ruins it for him.

User Comments
Very, very good... she's sexy in her deep, macho voice!

It's enough for a woman with a deep voice to be made self-conscious about it, but this ad takes the sexiness out of most women's sultry speech. Women with deep voices sound hot!

Awful ad. I've seen worse, but still bad.

Andrea James
The humor is so broad that I wasn’t really that offended. The joke is pretty well-trod ground, though.

WOW!! I was just checking out this website and looking at the "negative" ads when, in shock I realized that you had this ad listed. My shock is because I am the guy with the deep voice in the AD. I never once thought when making this commercial that it was a negative stereotype having anything to do with gays or transgenders. I felt the joke was that I AM UGLY AS A WOMAN for one and my over-the-top affected deep voice for the girl is just plain ridiculous. Have we gotten so politically correct that an ugly man in a dress is somehow promoting negative stereotypes for the gay community? Why is it negative for a heterosexual character in a commercial to not be sexually attracted to a masculine man in a dress or a woman with an over-the-top masculine MAN's voice. I know enough gay men who are not attracted to other guys who are too "feminine" or their voice is too "feminine". That may not be politically correct and certainly not funny, but it's true. I appreciate that t!
This website is here to hold advertisers accountable for how they portray the gay community and to disway them from promoting negative stereotypes, but whether this AD was ultimately funny or not, I TRULY think the only harm that could have come from it airing is the visual nightmare of having to see me dressed as a woman. Thanks for this website and thanks for reading my view point . Peace. :)