Diageo, Barry's Birthday


A group of workers in an office is having a dull Birthday celebration. One of them drudgingly says, "Happy Birthday Barry." The others chime in with the same lack of enthusiasm, "Yeah, Happy Birthday."

Suddenly a giant Birthday cake erupts from a desk, crowned with a drag queen and adorned with male go-go dancers around the perimeter of one of the layers. The song "Build Me Up, Buttercup" sets a festive tone.

As the cake emerges, the drag queen squeals, "Whooo!" She continues, "Hi girls. Frederico lost his cherry. Fancy a quick spin with me and my boys? Anyone else?"

After a little bit of revelry, the mistress of ceremonies reaches one arm to the sky as the cake "Going down...Come out to play!"

The group is in awe of what has just transpired, and the monotonous aura returns after the cake sinks back into the desk.

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