Fieldcrest Cannon Corp., Buna Bathtub


This erotic campaign of playful, naked men ran in Life magazine and seems to be the inspiration for such latter day beefcake advertising as Abercrombie & Fitch. Like the others in the Cannon campaign, the men seem to enjoy looking at each other's nude bodies -- this one in particular features a man pretending to be in drag, to entertain the men (some sitting between each other's legs) on a tropical island. One soldier looks on and whistles, as the puzzled natives watch from afar.

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Jerry Rimes
This series of ads is wonderful. My partner and I have the entire series framed and hung. I think it was a wonderful tongue in cheek by a very cheeky ad guy.

I recently began archiving old family photos and came across a album from my father when he was stationed in the South Pacific during the war. These ads are so true to what I have in the images in the album that I find them outstanding in the quality and "realness" that was to be implied by the ad man way back when! In this one in particular, I love the looks on the faces as depicted by the "locals."

Marc Clover
I love these ads!

Max Shultz
I love the Canon towel ads. I'd like to have posters of these ads on my wall!