Allied Domecq, Make It a Double


A twist on the stodgy male-only Beefeaters of the past, putting women in the role is a fresh approach for a brand trying to become more contemporary.

This print ad has run in both mainstream magazines and gay media -- perhaps changing the implied meaning of the women, depending upon the type of publication. It could be an "innocent" pairing of women in a straight magazine, or imply a couple in a gay mag.

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User Comments
Funny--I never thought of this as "an innocent pairing of two women" when I saw it in straight publications. I think it's just pandering to straight males' threesome fantasies.

Very cheesy.

Audrey Gilles
This doesn't say queer to me at all. Definitley targeting straight, white men that drink Beefeater. That is to say, it doesn't seem like a great departure to me. Same macho, power integrity, but sexist.

Innocent is not what comes to mind when seeing these two girls. I have seen this ad in 3 magazines now, Playboy, Out, and Cosmo. In all three magazines the meaning never changed to me. They always looked like two girls posing for the camera. They look like they are up to something. They are both very sexual in those outfits.

Make It a Double definitely alludes to the straight male threesome fantasy.

T. Dougherty
I think that it's a little too much to think that every ad that features 2 or more women- however provocatively attired- is an attempt to capitalize on lesbian fantasy. This one is a stretch in that regard. However, most would agree it is miserably sexist and demeaning to women.

Martin Storer
Isn't there a play on words in there as well... come on "Beef Eaters"?!