American Express Co., Three Dog Bakery


While the ad is not obvious about it, this is a male couple with a real business they started in Kansas City, Missouri. (Now with 30 US stores and a new one in Japan.)

The text vaguely refers to their relationship: "In 1989, from their home, two guys, three dogs and a biscuit cutter set out to make the world's best dog treats."

It is one of a handful of examples of an advertiser that are both gay marketers as well as including gay themes (however subtle) in their mainstream ads.

American Express entered the gay market in 1992 and has become an exemplary advertiser with a consistent presence ever since.

The company began advertising with its Cheques for Two product, that allows two different names to be used -- an ideal offering for a community that cannot marry and share a last name. The ad carries two same-sex names and mentions "couples."

The company later added its other services, including Financial Planning with this ad as an interim creative solution as a precursor to a beach ad that features a real female couple.

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User Comments
Anthony St.
I like the fact that the company went out of their way to showcase a positive role model for the gay community, however subtlely they are depicted.

Betty Ann D'amato
I see two entrepreneurs doing something they love with three of their best friends. It doesn't get any better than that!