General Motors Corp., Peyton Manning - Bruschetta


The second DIRECTV campaign in Commercial Closet features NFL players at home getting wired for the satellite TV service, along with their personal peculiarities. Indianapolis Colts star Peyton Manning has a DIRECTV installer at his home.

When the installer says, "I suppose you'll be wanting NFL Sunday Ticket," Manning protests, "What, you think all I care about is football? Hey, I'm into other things. Foreign films, cooking shows..." (These obviously being sensitive, or less than masculine, tastes.)

At the end, Manning shows up wearing a cooking apron with a cookie sheet in his hands and offers the installer "bruschetta," an appetizer and the installer has a funny look on his face.

Another in the campaign has Jevon Kearse of the Tennessee Titans slap the installer on the butt and he quickly leaves with a nervous expression on his face.

The earlier DIRECTV campaign also alluded to gay feelings from a man getting the service and follows the installer up the roof after saying, "I love you."

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