Nissan Motor Co., Shift_LOVE at First Sight


A young man is at a telephone booth with Spanish music playing in the background. The next shot is a man in a car playing dance music. He drives towards the young man at the phone booth and stops at a traffic light. The man at the phone booth turns around and meets the gaze of the driver.

As the driver seductively looks at him, the dance music and the Spanish music mix to make one song. Intoxicated by the gaze of the driver, the man at the phone booth looks at him longingly. At that instant, the driver drives away. The man at the phone booth desperately reaches out for the driver, but it is too late.

The ad ends with, "The all new Nissan Murano: love at first sight."

The ad earns an Equal rating because the ambiguous connection between the two men is used humorously without negatively referring to gay men. It is unclear whether the man at the phone booth longs for the driver or the car.

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