Foster's Brewing Group, Bricklayer


A man at an exotic bar -- there are lots of women wearing feather headdresses -- shares a glance with an attractive woman who has sparkles on her face. He asks her if she fancies a drink later and she agrees.

The meet outside under fireworks. She smiles and opens up her silver outfit, revealing a hairy man's chest. His smile falls momentarily and then he shrugs and simply says, "That's great" as he takes a drink of his lager. Apparently a bricklayer who was just on break, he then adds, "You can give us a hand with this wall."

In the closing image, "she" is shirtless and lifts huge cinder blocks and hands them to him.

A neutral though rather bizarre ending to the old "surprise, she's a man" joke.

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User Comments
Andrea James
Rug pull, but at least his response isn’t one of disgust.

Bi Girl
It would have been more inspiring (for me) having an actual female helping him with the blocks.

The most gorgeous girl I've ever seen. But the fact that her body is as muscular as it is, at the end, makes me wonder how the fella couldn't have known. Otherwise the ending is pretty humourous.

Personally, I think this one, and others like it, are as funny as photos of one-legged-babies! I am sick and tired of Transwomen being made the but of the "suprise" joke. The only redeeming quality with Fosters is that the Aussie lads in their commercials dont get too excited (in a negative way) about much of anything.