Ford Motor Co., As If We Only Think About Cars


Though Ford hasn't yet begun gay marketing in the U.S., it has had presence in European gay media for a few years. In this Cologne Europride parade guide that recalls a 1999 U.S. ad from Bud Light, Ford's ad features two men holding hands (one with a leather strap), and a headline that reads, "As if we only think about cars."

Next to the hands, it says, "Anhangerkupplung?" which has a double meaning as it refers to the tow bar in the back of a car as well as meaning "hook up" or "hitched."

The English translation: "If we do not always think of cars, then we gladly celebrate in the name of love -- all love. And what better place to do that than Cologne? A city that is above all about diversity, tolerance and a party groove. As a small proof of our love to Cologne, we of course again take part in the Christopher Street Day (Gay Pride). Because in the meantime the event, like the Cologne cathedral, will not disappear. Neither will we."

Ford Motor Co. arrived in Germany in 1925, well before BMW or VW started to think about industrial production.

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Darlene Herring
According to what your ad comments above read, it makes no difference if anyone has an opposing view because it won't be shown no matter what! Well, I can assure you that future generations of human beings will not remember any of you as examples of what mankind was intended to be.

The minority of buyers are being targeted by Ford as a niche market. They will succeed, and do so at the expense of the majority that buy their cars. I'm glad that the minority is happy as they are looking for a stage in an ad.

Andrew T. Conta
I feel it is important for companies such as auto makers, especially Ford, to demonstrate they have a tolerance toward diversity. The market is such that when companies do demonstrate this that it may increase their sales. Ford has been an especially popular auto maker with the homosexual community. I am gay, and it is the only car/auto maker I have ever owned or dealt with. The vehicles that Ford produces is extremely attractive to the gay community. I have alot of gay friends and believe it or not, we all own Ford vehicles.

So refreshing to see a "decent" portrayal of homosexuality as opposed the other things that are often portrayed. Homosexuals are people like the rest of us, just with "different" sexual preference for what ever reason. Though I don't totally understand it, I accept it & respect it. There are wonderful human beings in this group that are shunned more often than not. They are some of the gentlest, kindest individuals ever created.

I am not gay and I used to hate Ford but after seeing this ad I have officially put them on my buy list and for this reason only. Its great to see a socially responsible ad from Ford. Bravo!!!!! Down with bigotry.

Douglas Carlson
Seeing ads like this, I'm glad I just bought a new 250 diesel truck, and have a 2001 Focus.

What a great ad. Know why it's great? It doesn't get the message across to just gays or lesbians or Catholics, for that matter, those two could be any two people in the world...and wouldn't the tag line still be perfect? That's what equality is all about...Thanks, Ford Motor Company!

Joy Johnson
I have never owned a Ford and viewing this add in no way makes me want to buy a Ford. I will certainly "steer clear" of Ford in the future and will urge others to do the same.


Good, but why not show an unequivocal display that the hands are those of two men? The ad is a small step forward, but more like "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." The ad needs to speak to society at large, not just gays.