McDonald's Corp., Spin the Bottle


In a star-studded version of the kissing game Spin the Bottle, Britney Spears and the boys of *NSync are playing with a crystal blue bottle, where presumably all the guys are hoping for the chance to kiss her.

But the chances are low, since there are five of them and just one of her. Still, James Lance Bass confidently sprays breath spray into his mouth as the bottle turns and lands on Britney's real-life beau, Justin Timberlake, who offers a "yuck" face.

The ad is a promotion for the two musical acts together for McDonald's

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All the more ironic since Lance Bass came out as gay in 2006.

Miss Mozell
It's interesting that Bass just recently came out of the closet.

This ad is given a whole new meaning since Lance came out. If only McDonalds would re-run it in a new campaign.

Most commercials or ads that NSYNC does have jokes like that, trying to prove that they're not gay. It's just their management worrying that one of them will go out and kiss a guy or something. They want anything like one of them at a gay bar or one of them hugging a man to come off as a joke so that they can still pass as straight in the media. Also, why would he spin the bottle with four other guys and only one girl in the circle, unless he wanted to kiss one of his groupmates?

This one is an oddity because it's not clear if Britney Spears spun the bottle or if James Lance Bass did. If SHE spun it, then presumably she kisses whoever it points to. But, unless he were ready for the odds of kissing another guy, why would James Lance Bass spin it?

I think it's just Justin's way of trying to say *NSync's not gay cause they always get ragged on for that being a boy band and all.

Richard Phillips
C'mon....McDonald's, Jack-In-The-Box and their like are NOT at all popular with any self-respecting Gay Man or Lesbian Woman...so I'm truly not surprised at such an ad. Face it, fast "food" joints are the lowest common denominator for people who just can't afford REAL, WHOLESOME and HONEST to GOODNESS FOOD! Can we say "family-friendly?"

Max Shultz
Although I'm young, I'm not very into pop culture. This ad is a perfect example of why: pop culture is filled with endless subtle slurs against gay males, like this ad, and sometimes blunt slurs like Eminem's rhetoric. I'm sick of people depicting stereotypes of gays, and people being proud to hate gays, then excusing it by saying it's reality. There are a number of gays who don't fit stereotypes. Maybe if these gays were depicted, more people would be more okay with gays. On a separate issue: for attractive women to be sexual with each other has come in style, while the idea of men touching is repulsive, and worthy of ridicule. I don't let it bring me down. I know my love of men is beautiful, and unsurpassable.

N'sync and Britney give a slap in the face to the huge numbers of gay male fans who have made N'sync and Britney rich. Nice.

Anybody who would play spin the bottle with five guys and one girl has got a bisexual side to them. I bet if this ad ran 15 seconds longer, you'd see Justin and Lance tongue wrestling.

Miss Mozell
Interesting that Bass just recently came out of the closet.

Daryl Mitchell
All the more ironic since Lance Bass came out as gay in 2006.