Verizon Communications, Love Calls Back


Verizon teams with PFLAG for this emotional campaign that introduces several young people whose family relationships were strained because they were lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans but have family members now taking the step to reconnect through a phone call.

"Me and my mom have always been BFFs" until I called to tell her I wanted to date a girl and she lost it, a young lesbian in her bedroom tells the camera, documentary style.

"It was a shock, it's not what I wanted for my daughter," the woman's mother says from her living room.

"When I first came out as a person of trans experience, he was messing up with pronouns, messing up my name," a trans man says about his brother.

The brother says, "It didn't make sense to me. You know, you were born a girl. How can that happen? My response -- it wasn't a good one."

"It's about to five years since I've spoken to my mom," says a young man sitting on a stoop.

In each, case the family member calls and offers the words needed to mend their mistakes.

The last screen reads, “It’s never too late for love to call back,” Then one person says, “I never thought that phone call would come.”

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