Verizon Communications, Unlimited Calling. Unlimited Bragging.


Four women are sitting under the dryers at a hair salon, reading magazines. Two of them begin talking about their children.

The first woman says, "My Larry called me twice last month. He loves his mother."

"Well, my Joanne calls me every Sunday," responds the second.

A third woman joins the conversation, "My Sydney calls me everyday - just to say hi. We talk for hours."

"Well, Larry always calls at 7, right on the nose."

"My Sydney calls whenever he wants," the third responds without hesitation.

Wanting to one up Sydney's mother, the second woman says, "My Joanne's a podiatrist. She's too busy to call everyday."

"Oh, my Sydney's a doctor too," replies Sydney's mother, smiling. "A neurosurgeon."

The camera moves to a hair dresser dressed in pink, who is cutting another woman's hair not far from the hair dryers. He has apparently been listening to the conversation, and makes an impressed face when he hears Sydney's profession.

An announcer says, "Verizon. Unlimited calling. Unlimited bragging" as the Verizon logo appears on screen.

The focus returns to the three ladies. "My son's an astronaut," says Larry's mother.

"Oh, please!" replies Joanne's mother.

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