Human Rights Campaign, Hawaii


A narrator says, "There was a time in Hawaii when some people weren't treated equally."

Then showing Sen. Phil Graham (R-Tx.) and his wife of Asian decent, the narrator says, "There was a time when some marriages weren't accepted by society."

Moving on to Justice Clarence Thomes, an African-American member of the US Supreme Court, who has a white wife, "There was a time when some marriages weren't even legal. Some people want to return to those times."

With video of anti-gay protesters, it says, "They want to make sure we all go back to those times by rewriting the Hawaiian Constitution to impose their feelings on all of us."

The Hawaii case drew worldwide attention after a 1993 state Supreme Court ruling said the state's failure to recognize gay marriages amounted to gender discrimination. Although the judge in the case had ordered the state to grant marriage licenses to gay couples, the court decision ultimately failed to be implemented. In 1998, a state constitutional amendment was passed defining marriage solely between a man and a woman, making the court decision moot.

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