ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), Kissing Doesn't Kill


A widely seen poster for the infamous AIDS direct-action group, ACT UP, in association with AIDS research group AmFar as part of its Art Against AIDS effort, this was among the earliest images that displayed same-sex kisses and was intended to be shocking (not including the late '80s hair and clothing).

It ran on buses in New York, San Francisco and Chicago and the Illinois State legislature reportedly tried to pass a law against images of same-sex kissing.

The group Gran Fury that produced that ad, was a collective born out of ACT-UP. The group, which began in early 1988 and worked continuously until 1994, was named after the make of Plymouth the New York City police department used for its squad cars.

User Comments
John Day
Nice ad.

Tiara S.
*Looks at themes* Goodness! This ad has every theme and then some - all packed into something compact. Well done.

Jude Vecoli
Did anyone else notice that the guys lips aren't really touching? Am I being too sensitive suspecting that it was intentional?

It's a good ad but the transsexuals are missing.

Audrey Gilles
Yes! Multicultural, diverse, expressive and sweet, not alienating (well, to those who are not closed down already), not sugar-coated and politifcally poignient. A definite A! An ad can't capture all aspects of being queer or issues around it, but i think this is a great mix from the mass market, snap-shot perspective. Interesting... no blonde's eh?