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This ad features Green Bay Packers star Reggie White, who delivered an infamous speech to the Wisconsin Legislature. White railed against homosexuality, which he described as "rampant" not just among white folks.

"Homosexuality is a decision, it's not a race," he said. "People from
all different ethnic backgrounds live in this lifestyle."

This coalition of conservative religious groups believe that homosexuals can choose their sexuality -- part of an effort to promote the idea of being "ex-gay." The campaign, which appeared in USA Today and other major papers across the US, succeeded in bringing the question to the forefront of the media for several months, though it also brought later embarrassment as stories appeared about ex-gay leaders who had failed to change their sexuality as they maintained.

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Lindsey Ho
This ad is a complete fallacy. I am appalled that the creators featured an African American individual in the campaign. The whole "we have colored friends" mentality doesn't convince me as a woman of "color." Oppressed groups need to unite and not become the oppressors.

This advertisement is great!! Reggie is right in nixing the comparision gays try to make to race.

This advertisement is great!! Reggie is right in nixing the comparisons gays try to make to race. They are so far removed. Every time I hear a gay person try to compare themselves to a racial minority group, I just cringe.

While there are obvious differences between gays and blacks, the point of this message was to attack homosexuality. He called it a choice which is, for the most part, untrue.