Center for Reclaiming America, Homosexuals Can Change


This coalition of conservative religious groups believe that homosexuals can choose their sexuality -- part of an effort to promote the idea of being "ex-gay."

The campaign, which appeared in USA Today and other major papers across the US, succeeded in bringing the question to the forefront of the media for several months, though it also brought later embarrassment as stories appeared about ex-gay leaders who had failed to change their sexuality as they maintained.

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Only sick bastards would come up with ads like these... As Christians, they should believe that God made us all who, what, and how we are, and that love is a gift from God and can not be altered... Ok, they can frown on gay sex, because we can't get married, and sex outside of marriage is (supposedly) sin, but they have no right to judge us on our emotions given to us by the Lord! And yes I am a 'gay' Christian, and proud of it!

We don't choose our sexuality; we're born that way. But besides that: who wants to change? Why would I want to go straight and have to identify with people like this woman? I spent years ensuring that I don't get grief from my family about who I am. Who would want to go back to pretending?

Ads like this make me feel some Christian groups have taken on the role of country clubs. Where is a gay version of Rosa Parks when we need her?

It's ads like these that make me happy to be Canadian!

This is absolutely appalling. It's times like these I am very happy to be an atheist.

I'm in seminary to be a Christain minister. It's ads like this that make me want to be an atheist.

This is absolutely appalling to me. You can't change who you are, you're just simply born that way. I am proud to be bisexual, and no one can take that away from me.