Alfani, Perfectly Put Together


This ad, which appeared in The New York Times, intriguingly appears to subtly imply a biracial gay male couple. The standing man has his hand on the shoulder of the sitting black man -- they are touching, as with the man and woman on the left. While it is also possible that it may "just" be a family portrait, (the standing man also has arm around an older man likely intended to be his father) the presence of a black man seems to indicate otherwise, and there is no mother shown.

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You're way off base....as a man of color, the man of color appears to only be a good friend to all. The man standing is with his "daddy" boyfriend.

James A. Clark Jr.
If the man seated and the man standing had been holding hands I might think they were a couple, but my first honest impression was that it was a May-December relationship.

Freddy Rodriguez
Why does anyone have to be coupled, besides the obvious male and female? Maybe they're just friends or, even better, maybe there's a triad relationship between the three men. The ads succeeds in raising eyebrows and explaining little. Bravo! Pretty Ad.

Looks like a nice little get together photo to me but I guess it could really be a nefarious plot to undermine western civilization, I'm just not seeing it.

Antonio Koppas
Great Ad. Congratulations Ford, way to go! More companies should think like Ford.

Robert M
Okay, how about this. The woman is with the Black guy and the two blonde guys are a couple. She's just being flirty

My interpretation of this ad is that it suggests a proud father of three sons, one straight, one gay and one straight and single