V&S Vin & Spirit AB, Equal Love


Set to the 1962 track “There’s No Other” by the Crystals, a series of people passionately French kiss each other, with a succession of other people "cutting in" in relay fashion. The kisses included interracial male and female kisses. A bald, black female police officer kisses a white woman in a hoodie on the hood of a police cruiser, and there's a male-male kiss in an elevator between two bearded men of color.

The film's director, Aoife McArdle, told Adweek: “Because of the message of the film, and Absolut’s history of supporting LGBTQ and diversity in general in their marketing, this process was front and center rather than a branding afterthought. Andy Warhol has done work on Absolut, as have Keith Haring and Tom Ford. It’s great to work within this tradition, push boundaries and experiment on film.”

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