V&S Vin & Spirit AB, Absolut Colors


ABSOLUT COLORS is a limited edition package inspired by the rainbow flag where the text on the bottle carries a message on embracing diversity. It will include a limited edition cocktail book, the ABSOLUT COLORS Cocktail Collection, with a guide to colorful drinks based on the six colors of the rainbow flag.

“ABSOLUT COLORS builds on our history as a brand that has always encouraged people to be who they are”, Nina Gillsvik, International Brand Director ABSOLUT at V&S Absolut Spirits, said in a press release. “Almost 30 years ago, when our company decided to do our bit in supporting the rights of the individual, we were considered bold. Today we can look back on those days and that decision with pride. For us, ABSOLUT COLORS is a natural way to continue to inspire people to let their true colors shine and be proud of who they are.”

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