Walmart/Wal-Mart/Wal Mart, Little Britain


As the voiceover reads, "Inside this Sunday's News of the World, don't miss your free Little Britain DVD plus all of the highlights from rock profile," clips of the BBC comedy television series are shown to promote the DVD. Featured characters include "the only gay in the village," wearing leather and a see-through black shirt, showing off his substantial mid-section. An Elton John impersonator is also among the characters in the sketches.

If these characters were created for the sole purpose of this advertisement, the stereotypes present wouldn't be so easily excused.

The ad earns a score of 77 because it is promoting a series that includes a variety of characters, both straight and gay, and all equally ridiculous. Some of the characters are men in drag, but the humor of these characters is not based on exclusively on this trait.

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