Mitchell Gold, Love Mitchell Gold. By the Inch.


This is among the most directly gay images yet from Mitchell Gold. Part of a campaign that features just the model, this one also includes Gold himself, mostly in shadow, reading.

Not exactly a household name yet, North Carolina upholstery company Mitchell Gold provides stylish, upholstered furniture to yuppy-centric home retailers like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel and Restoration Hardware.

Mitchell Gold ads have appeared for years in Metropolitan Home, Elle Décor and House Beautiful and have featured hunky, shirtless guys and an English bulldog named Lulu. Advertising has also run in The Advocate.

"We wanted to be 'family oriented,' just not Pat Buchanan's view of 'family,' " said Mitchell Gold, president-CEO of his eponymous company based in High Point, N.C.

Mitchell Gold spends approximately $1 million annually on advertising, unusual in an industry that rarely advertises directly to consumers. "When you're building a brand, you want to drive consumers to the store," explained Gold. Despite the success of his campaign, Gold took a practical position and said the next step isn't necessarily to make the ads more gay. "I'm running a business, I don't want to pigeonhole this and advertise just to gays."

Along with his partner Robert Williams, executive VP-director of design at Mitchell Gold, Gold bought the furniture factory when it employed 50 people and grew it to 450 employees, then sold it to Rowe a year ago. "We've raised that standard in this community, raised the wage level. We've raised the bar altogether and the community appreciates that."

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User Comments
Gary Caplan
Despite Mr. Gold's stated hesitancy, his latest ad has two guys and two girls appearing on a leather sofa: Male & male; female & female. ... Nothing subtle, and I love it! :-)

Darus Walls
It is what it is. Tasteful while sexy, simple while elegant, to the point and brilliant. Job well done!