H&M/Hennes & Mauritz LP, Karl Lagerfeld Rumors


In this ad for H&M, shot in the style of film noir in black and white, it's dark, moody and very mysterious.

Two men sit at a table having lunch and sharing secrets. "So, I presume you have heard?" asks a feminine man. "It's hard to believe he is doing it." His white-haired companion leans forward conspiratorially and responds incredulously, "But is it really true?"

Melodramatically, women everywhere ask, "Is it true?" The first man continues, "It's on everybody's lips." No one can believe the rumor -- the responses are disbelief and outrage, ranging to hysteric laughter. "There are whispers about a collection," the first man goes on.

Wealthy women destroy their closets in a temper tantrum, while other women lick their fingers seductively. The first man continues telling his lunching friend, "From what I understand, he's making quite a few women very, very pleased. While some are just plain disoriented."

His friend, scandalized, replies, "But that's outrageous! What sick pleasure does he find in this?!" One woman in a dominatrix outfit takes her rage out on her household staff.

The other asks, "How could he? Going behind peoples backs, betraying them" -- referring to his previously, high priced couture. The two lunching men agree: "It's cheap."

In the final "insult" the first man tells the other, there's a men's collection too. No longer able to take it, the second fellow lets out a yelp, and turns to shout across the restaurant, "Karl! Karl! Is it true?"

The camera turns in the restaurant to designer Karl Lagerfeld. Sitting at another table, with his trademark white pony tail in a cape and sunglasses, he replies, "Of course it's true."

The thrust of the commercial finally reveals itself: Lagerfeld is now designing affordable clothing for H&M and the world of expensive designer clothing is crumbling.

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User Comments
John West
The main thing is it's too long!

Marianne Seggerman
What makes it good and even witty is including Karl himself in the ad. You are always allowed to make fun of yourself and it is actually gay positive, implicitly having Karl be out, which is always a good thing.