Basic Rights Oregon, Twins


The same guy stands next to himself, one in a clashing patterns and colors, the other dressed in a conservative suit.

The poorly dressed one says, "Hi remember me? Measure 9 -- you voted against me a few years ago, take away people's basic rights."

The other one interjects, "And I'm measure 13, a new..." The first guy interrupts, "Wait a minute 13... we could be twins!" He answers, "With one exception, Mr. 9. You failed, I'm the new plan. To put discrimination in the constitution, I'm better. Better looking and better sounding." In a stage whisper, he adds, "But the same effect."

The first shouts, "I get it, repackage me as you and BINGO! we might pull it off this time!"

The other slyly says, "Keep it down, 9, you want the world to know?"

This clever, funny campaign even uses the classic gay humor of making fun of bad clothing. The campaign succeeded and the measure did not pass.

Still, during the heated environment in states that debated gay rights measures, reports of anti-gay violence increased dramatically.

Another effort from the OCA behind Measure 9 returned in 2000 to prohibit schools and community colleges from encouraging,
promoting or sanctioning homosexual and bisexual behavior.

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