Fuji Heavy Industries, Radar Love/WRX Turbo Music


Two young guys zip around a twisty road, enjoying their vehicle together and sing along to the Golden Earring tune of "Radar Love." Are they friends or more?

The gay vague relationship recalls many similar ads from Volkswagen.

User Comments
I think you are reading way too far into this commerical, not everything with two men in it is "gay".

I don't really see any gay resemblence in this ad. Two guys are just enjoying a fast car.

Given the advertiser (Subaru) and the very subtle interactions between the two (particularly the eye contact) it's an ad saying many things at once. It's nothing that can be pointed to, but there's a lot of allusion in the ad that can be read any number of ways -- meaning that those who'd insist this is two straight guys zipping around, or a guy impressing another guy on a date could both be right -- or wrong. Ultimately, the car's the star of the show, as it should be in any good ad.

I think that ads like this are left open-ended on purpose. The two guys could be boyfriends, they could be friends, one could be gay, one straight, the list goes on. They are as gay as the viewer wants, and that appeals to a larger demographic.

I agree that there's not a lot to make a viewer think the guys in this are gay. The look exchange at the end, when the song is saying "radar love" could be something, so I'd say that 'gay vague' is an appropriate rating.

Alessandro Cintoli
Whatever their orientation, these guys really love speed a tad too much! If I ever had a date with the driver of this Turbo, I would not consider seeing him again, I care about my safety :-). I am aware of the "professional driver" warning on the ad, but nevertheless...

I'm with them, two guys in a car enjoying a song does not a gay ad make. The coincidence of the title "Radar Love" has less to do with the ad than the coolness of the music, added to the coolness of driving a fast car around a curvy road, "my favorite part". I thought these ads were geared to be understood by an 8 year old?

I agree that this is "gay vague." What I like about it is that it is so free. I've enjoyed a car ride with my straight friends and my gay ones, and the level of comfort is the same. So, if it's a gay date or two straight guys, the idea that men can be relaxed and comfortable together is a positive image for all men - gay, straight, or somewhere in between.

Maybe I need a new TV, because I missed any gay references here. Sorry.

Do they enjoy the car? each other? What do they get? the car? each other? Does that make them gay? not gay? gay vague... Why the multiple shots to the stick shift? Did you see the expression on his face? Naughty. Is the stick shift phallic? What do they say about men who drive fast cars?