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An AOL member and an AOL associate are walking through the giant Internet company's corporate offices. The member says, "You know what's great is you guys really look out for us members. You've got that anti-virus protection that automatically updates."

A mail cart heading toward the AOL customer serves as a metaphorical threat, and the AOL associate blocks it, protecting the AOL member. The talkative member sidesteps the danger without pause and keeps chattering.

He continues, "And you've got that spyware protection to help keep my personal information safe." The mindful AOL employee intervenes to direct the preoccupied member away from a slippery area marked "Caution."

Unaware, the rambling consumer continues, "Not to mention you guys are always fighting phishing and identity theft. "

The AOL employee responds, "Well, when you switch to a high speed connection, danger comes at you even faster."

Pleased, the AOL member says, "Wow, you guys must really like us."

As they're walking by two men with a ladder fixing a ceiling light, a heavy fixture falls right where the member is standing, and, saving the day yet again, the pious AOL associate pulls him out of danger's way.

The momentum of this physical intervention puts the two in an awkward, semi-intimate position, with the AOL customer sandwiched between the associate and the wall.

With a half-smile, the customer continues speaking where he left off, "A lot."

The voiceover comes in: "Want a better Internet? You belong at America Online."

The ad earns an Equal rating because neither of the men have a negative reaction at the temporarily intimate proximity they've shared. The ad proceeds from this incident without much ado, and the men appear to continue their conversation.

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