General Motors Corp., Carmen Electra - Dreaming


A young man has his cable set up in this ad from DIRECTV.

"So I have NFL Sunday Ticket?" he asks.

The installation guy replies: "Yup, you get up to 200 NFL Games, and you get DIRECTV's best programming package for four months free."

"Four months free? Am I dreaming?" asks the young man.

"No, sir," the installer tells him.

The camera zooms in on the young man's face, panning to reveal TV personality Carmen Electra fawning over him. "Are you sure I'm not dreaming? he says. "Because all of a sudden, Carmen Electra's hitting on me, but she's got the body of my old high school gym teacher."

Her fat hand on his cheek, she plants a loud kiss on his face. The camera zooms out to show Electra's head cleverly added to an overweight body in gym clothes with hairy forearms. They are no longer in the young man's living room, but sitting on a bed with red satin sheets in a room with red walls.

"Okay, you might be dreaming, but the whole DIRECTV thing, that was real," says the Direct TV employee.

With Electra/gym teacher's manly fingers stroking the back of his neck and hair, the young man shouts out, "Good!" He appears slightly confused, but not at all unhappy.

NFL Sunday Ticket, only from Direct TV," concludes a narrator.

The bizarre combination of Electra with the gym teacher raises all sorts of Freudian possibilities, but the man's reasoned reaction isn't milked for slapstick humor with a gross-out face, providing a fair portrayal.

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Guy Sicora
There is nothing gay about this advertisement! If companies really want to reach this market, they need to be willing to take chances... Risks very often yield rewards!