City and County San Francisco Human Services Agency, Intelligent Design


The Bay Area adoption agency Family Builders by Adoption developed this print and billboard campaign to encourage families to adopt older children from the foster care system. The ads feature same-sex couples and their adopted children standing behind the slogans "Family Planning" and "Intelligent Design." Underneath the slogans are the phrases "Our family was no accident – we planned for it," and "Before we started our family we considered all the options."

The agency welcomes traditional, single, LGBT, and multiracial families in the Bay Area. "There are so many people in the LGBT and African American communities who would make fantastic parents for children and youth in foster care. We need them to know that they have what it takes to create extraordinary families, and we're here to help them provide the loving and supportive environment that children and youth need," said Jill Jacobs, Family Builders Executive Director.

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