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Peter Smafield
I didn't like it only because I don't really like or care for jewelery on men!

Joe Petroni
Sorry to bust y'all, but how do we know this person is a gay man? We're assuming based on the earrings and the hair, maybe--there's nothing to say this person isnt genderqueer or gay. Just food for thought

This ad is offensive in that it is the typical view of the straight population's idea of the gay male: effeminate and cross dressing. I am gay and find this stereotypical and degrading to gay men.

I was surprised to see that 42.9% had thought this ad was terrible. I just truly feel that it is a means of expression and in so doing, it is not harmful or insulting to anyone and therefore has a right to be appreciated for it's individuality. While it is not something I personally would wear, I think there are those who would look good doing so.

Kasai Kannuki
I like how this is comparable to the artist Frida Kahlo's self portrait. The man pictured Is not extraordinarily beautiful, but has pride in his beauty anyway, and is able to display it. I find this ad to be of artistic genius. I also love the reference to pride- a strong man in a suit, well groomed, wearing women's earrings like it's nothing!