American Legacy Foundation, The Marlboro Man Is 'The Ultimate Stud'


With a silhouette of a cowboy in the background, text reads, "The Marlboro Man is 'the ultimate stud,' 'orally fixated (positive),' and 'maybe a great one-nighter.'

"This is from a 1994 tobacco company-sponsored report on reaching the gay market. A report from another tobacco company detailed marketing specifically to gays and homeless people. The report was called Project Subculture Urban Marketing. Also known as Project SCUM. Was that just a harmless acronym?"

The ad was carried in Gay City News.

This example from the $116 million annual "truth" campaign, launched in February 2000, is the largest national smoking prevention campaign for youth ever conducted. Notes Dr. Cheryl Healton, president and CEO of the American Legacy Foundation, "The American Legacy Foundation is the first national philanthropy to identify the GLBT community as a priority population for countering the tobacco industry's marketing efforts."

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