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Seizing on a hot political issue in England at the time, Virgin -- which has a history of leveraging outrageous public relations -- has this mobile phone ad that depicts two soldiers in military fatigues holding hands (both also toting a rifle). The text reads, "At last, a mobile phone company that offers a fair deal for everyone."

England has since allowed gays into the military, as have many other European countries.

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Ricahrd Phillips
The male couple pictured is a bit TOO model-pretty for what is supposed to be a more equality-based perspective on military service. These guys are not "gritty" or convincing examples of what (mostly) facial effects boot camp training leaves on a man or a woman for that matter. Have these guys just returned from a fashion runway or a multiple-miles march? Think about it. At the very least there should have been the beginnings of a few dark circles beneath one of the guys eyes, or how about a bit of dark beard stubble? The two are not pictured as officers of any notable ranking in finely decorated uniforms, so shouldn't they look more the part of a "typical" foot soilder? Other than that, the ad is 'okay', I guess.

Campbell Parker
I'm not sure what the previous commenter's problem is -- this is an ad for PHONES, not the army (or skin care products for that matter.) Get a grasp of the context! This ad was a huge billboard on the intersection of Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross Road -- London's busiest shopping streets. The sheer visibility of two gay men to thousands of people per day surely outweighs the fact that they shaved the morning of the photo shoot?!

Darus Walls
Makes me wonder why America is so far behind...and we have the nerve to call ourselves "leaders." Who are we leading?