Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


-What's in your advertising collection?

Please see the Ad Library Overview for details about what we collect. Or to see how much is in the collection of different categories, visit the Ad Library Statistics.

-How do I submit an ad I've seen?

First, please look to see if we already have the ad in our vast collection of over 4,000 ads by doing an Advanced Search. If it's not here, please send us a message with as much detail as possible, including the brand/company, what makes it LGBT-themed, the approximate date you saw it, the country/language, and what generally happens in the ad on our Submit an Ad page.

-How do I correct information that is wrong, such as the ad agency name?

Each page dedicated to a single advertisement has a Submit Corrections text link in the Ad Details box. When you click that, it will send us the details about the ad you want to correct and ask for your correction information.

-I don't understand your ratings, these ads are funny!

This project's goal is not entertainment, but education! The categories do not rate the intent of the ad, but just the message its imagery and text provide. Even if a commercial is funny, if it conveys homophobia or uses stereotypes without any other source of humor, it may receive a poor AdRespect Score. Our editorial ratings are not intended to be the last word, which is why there is feedback and voting from visitors as well. Overall, we encourage deeper thinking by everyone about how LGBT people are portrayed. Learn more about the AdRespect ratings system.

-Can I get a copy of one of these ads?

The digital files here are the extent of our sharing.

-Can I use these ads for my own purposes? Do you hold copyright for these ads?

AdRespect does not hold any ad copyrights, they belong to the companies that produced the ads. We are able to use them under Fair Use law. Your use may not be protected under the same circumstances.


-Will you come speak to my company/university?

Yes, lecture appearances are welcomed. To learn more about the content of the standard presentation, please visit the AdRespect Training Overview. To make an appearance request, please send a message with details about your target date and company/university information via our Contact page.

-How do I become a sponsor or advertiser?

If you're interested in a paid sponsorship, please send us a message with details about your business and budget via our Contact page.


-Can you find any ad for me?

We only focus on finding ads with LGBT themes. Please do not send requests for ads that we would not include in our database here.

-Can you help me promote my website or small business?

We are very selective in what we will partner with or promote, unless it is closely tied to LGBT advertising/media or is a paid sponsorship. If you're interested in a sponsorship, please send us a message via our Contact page.

-Can you give me some statistics and information on the LGBT market?

We have a helpful Overview and History of the Global Gay & Lesbian Market.

-Will you help my business target the LGBT market?

Beyond basic information already provided on this site and the Overview and History of the Global Gay & Lesbian Market page, we may be available for consulting work for hire. You can make an inquiry via our Contact page.

-Can I interview you for an academic paper/report I'm writing?

Sometimes, for limited and focused questions we can help. Please send us a message on our Contact page.

-Can you help me get into advertising?

No, that is not what we do.

-Can you help me create an ad?

Sorry, we do not create advertising we just collect it!