General Motors Corp., I Love You


Atop a customer's home, an installer adjusts the antenna for a new subscriber, and announces the service's benefits at the same time.

The male customer asks questions about the service, including whether it carries football.

"Up to 13 NFL games every Sunday if you want 'em," says the installer. Directly below, the grateful customer wells up with happiness and says, "I love you."

The installer, with a smile as if he's heard it many times before, replies, "I know, sir."

At the end, the customer has followed him up the ladder -- a bit like a stalker -- and says "Hi." The installer now looks very nervous.

It is the first of two campaigns for the brand that make gay references. The other features Tennessee Titans star Jevon Kearse, who slaps the installer on the butt and causes him to leave in a hurry.

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