No on 3-Keep MA Safe, Creeper


In this anti-trans ad, a man in a hoodie walks into a women's restroom, peering around. He pretends to sit on the toilet and peeks through the slit to watch a woman start to undress at a locker.

“What does the Question 3 mean to you?” asks a female narrator. “It means any man who says he is a woman can enter a woman’s locker room, dressing room or bathroom at any time, even convicted sex offenders, and if you see something suspicious and say something to authorities, you could be arrested and fined up $15,000.”

The man then starts to open the stall door. “Vote No on 3. This bathroom bill puts our privacy and safety at risk. It goes too far.”

The ad was allegedly filmed in a Wegman’s grocery store without consent and the company objected.

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