Michael Hill Jeweller, We’re for Love


"Love. There really is nothing quite like it. We read more books, watch more films, and listen to more songs about it than anything else. It quickens the heart; lights the soul; makes us whole. It occurred to us that everything we do is for love. The wedding bands we make aren't just beautifully crafted gold rings; they're declarations of love. The engagement rings are not so much diamonds and precious metals, but more symbols of that achingly beautiful moment when someone puts aside fear and self-doubt and grasps courage and boldness to profess their love and offer you their heart. Jewelry is a mark of love that says someone loves you -- even if that someone is yourself. When given, it is an expression of love. Young love. Old love. Motherly love. Straight love. Gay love. Forbidden love. Brotherly love. It seals love. Nurtures. Creates. And declares love for all the world to see. We don't care what kind of love you're into. We just want to make sure you get your fair share."

Aired in a 30-second version during the Super Bowl XLIX and in Australia and New Zealand, Michael Hill currently has over 280 stores globally.

Nick Worthington, creative chairman at Colenso BBDO, told Campaign Brief: "Love is one of the few universal truths, so rather than travel the world to explore the subject of love we went to the city that the world travels to - New York. While we were there we walked the streets chatting with people about love and interviewed more than 1,200 people. Most of their stories were deeply moving - and they were all very real and very honest."

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