Doctor's Associates, Steamy


Two police officers drive down a highway at night. They spot a parked car with the windows steamed up.

"Looks like we've got a couple of lovebirds," the cop chuckles to his partner.

They pull up behind the car and one of the officers approaches the window, flashlight in hand. Music plays inside the car and soft murmurs can be heard. "Mmm, that's nice," says a deep voice.

The officer taps on the window and the young man in the driver's seat rolls it down. The ballad "I Need You Now (More Than Words Can Say)" blares on the radio. But instead of a female companion, the driver is holding a sandwich.

The officer looks confused, peering further into the car. The passenger is, in fact, a man. He is also holding a sandwich and appears slightly embarrassed, looking down at his sandwich.

The ad handles the theme well. It is a twist on the conventional but without judgment, and an improvement on an earlier commercial where a husband dons drag to wash his car in a cheerleader's outfit, causing a passing vehicle to crash and narration says, "Subway -- good, so you don't always have to be."

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User Comments
If caught, a straight couple would be given a slap on the wrist and a wink from a police officer. However, a gay couple would be harassed and most likely hauled off to jail. I didn't like this one.

Keith Daly
I had a totally different take on this ad. There's too much bad history of cops busting gays for making out while merely breaking up straight people for doing the same thing. In the ad, the cops find two guys, but they're eating Subway sandwiches. The cops' confusion is based on having nothing to break up and no gay guys to bust.